Wedding Guide #1: 12 Months Pre-Wedding Preparation

The key to a perfect wedding ceremony is early planning. It is okay to plan a year before. Some couples might be wondering what to do and when to do it. Here is a simple guideline on pre-wedding preparations.

12 Months+ before

  • Draw up a budget for your wedding.

  • Pick a wedding date and time. You should always have several date options available to you and remember to check with the venues if they are available on that day before finalizing.

  • Consider hiring a good wedding planner/consultant. Make a guests list.

  • Ask your family and friends whether they are free on that day itself.



8-10 Months before

  • This is the time to think about your wedding gown.

  • Think about your reception decorations, theme, environment, etc. Decide on the theme that you want to have for your wedding and reception (traditional, destination, formal)

  • Ask around and start researching and make appointments with your vendors, photographer, videographer, receptionist, band, DJ, etc.

  • Start to order Save the Date announcements.



6-8 Months before

  • Start sending Save the Date cards. It is important especially when you are planning on a wedding during holiday season.

  • Make sure you have made an appointment with your photgraphers, DJ, and band for your wedding ceremony.

  • Start planning your own dream honeymoon.



4-6 Months before

  • Research on wedding invitations and start ordering them. Choose a suitable design according to your wedding theme and budget.

  • If required, attend a pre-wedding counseling session.

  • Shop for wedding rings.

  • Research on wedding cakes and favors.



3 Months+ before

  • Place order for your wedding cake.

  • Place order for your wedding favors.

  • Rent your wedding attire.

  • Hire a chauffeur for your wedding day



2 Months before

  • Start to mail your invitations.

  • Make an appointment with your hairstylist and make up artist and go for a trial session!

  • Get ready gifts for your parents, attendants, and each other.

  • Get ready for your vows.



1 Month before

  • For Brides, have a final fitting on wedding gowns.

  • Have your formal bridal photographs taken once you have done your final fitting session for your wedding dress.

  • Arrange for the marriage license.

  • Make seating arrangements.

  • Arrange the details and flow of the event.



2 Weeks before

  • Make sure you have received all the RSVP responses. Review them and call up guests who have not replied.

  • Inform your photographer and videographer about the angle and mood that you prefer so that they will be able to capture the right angle at the right moment.

  • Go to a saloon and have your last pre-wedding haircut & dye.



1 Week before

  • Print place cards and table numbers, favors, and menus during table set up.

  • Plan a reception seating chart for your guests.

  • Provide the location manager with the list of vendor requests such as a table for DJ or setup space needed by the florist.

  • Attend your bachelor/ette night, and have fun for your hardwork for the past 12 months.



3 Days before

  • Reconfirm all the loose ends are tied. Discuss with your vendors any last minute necessary substitution.

  • Arrange transportation for your outstation and overseas guests.

  • Final check on your wedding ceremony venue and seating arrangements during the ceremony and arrangements for the order or flow of the party.



The day before

  • Get ready your payment cheques. Talk to the wedding host and ask about the final balances to be paid at the end of the ceremony.

  • For Bride, apply a cool and relaxing mask before sleeping.

  • Prepare your gown, formal wears, and accessories set on your dressing table.

  • Provide all vendors with your emergency mobile phone numbers so that they are able to contact you or family members on the wedding day itself.


And now you are ready for your big day! 


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