Free Mother's Day Card Printable and DIY Tutorial

mother's day petal card printable, love gift, diy tutorial, freebie, free for all

mother's day petal card printable, love gift, diy tutorial, freebie, free for all

Mother's day is just 2 weeks from now! Have you thought of making something for your beloved mommy? We have created a printable petal card for this Mother's Day season. It is not only suitable for mothers but also for grandma's. This handmade card could be a company to a nice bouquet of flowers, and if you plan to cook for her on Mother's Day, this could be a small menu card of dishes!

Check out the above tutorial on how it works!
Printable file includes colours in Pink, Purple, and Baby Blue with Yellow.

Step 1.
Print the template given on a piece of thicker paper. Next, use a pair of scissors to carefully cut the card according to the pink coloured border.

Step 2.
Gently fold the side petals inwards and then, the fold the bottom part. You may include gifts such as a necklace, sachet, or other accessories into the petal envelope.

Step 3.
Turn the card around to make sure the folding on each side is balance.

Step 4.
After you've put in your present, fold the top petal layer and glue it in place. Besides gluing, you may consider to paste a sticker at the center to hold the petals together. Here, we've used a thin ribbon and tied a simple knot.

Step 5 & 6.
Now, think of what you wished to say to your Mom for being such a great mother. Because a mother's love it limitless, tell her how much you appreciate her love and care, for being grateful of all that she'd done.  Last but not least, you're ready to give this surprise gift for you mother!

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Thank you and hope you enjoy this freebie.
Don't forget to spread the love~

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