Wedding Card Quantity

How many wedding cards should I order?

Most of the time, couples might have problems in determining how many pieces of wedding cards should they order for certain amount of guests.

This article is going to provide you some short but important tips and guidelines when identifying the number of wedding cards you need.

Tip 1 - Counting the number of Invitations instead of the number of people.

A very common mistake is that people automatically goes with the number of guests they are inviting with the number of invitations they need. In fact, one wedding card could be sent to per couple or per family, which almost reduces the wedding cards count by almost 40 - 50%. Brides or bridegrooms who list large quantities of guests, make sure that you are counting the wedding card invitations, not people.

In summary on this tip, let's count as one piece of wedding card for each of the following:

  1. A Couple (married or living together)
  2. A Family (includes any children under 21 years old)
  3. A Single Guest
  4. The Officiant (if necessary)
  5. The Photographer & Videographer
  6. Extra pieces for last minute guests 

**You should still send a wedding card to guests that may have already told you that they will be unable to make it.

Tip 2 - Ready for some extra wedding cards.

Additionally to the above, everyone know they should order extras, but mostly people are unsure how many pieces. For wedding cards, you are advised to prepare 7 to 10 pieces extras. Although you had already have your wedding guest list ready with you, they might be chances that someone suddenly slips your mind when you've completed your guest list.

Other than wedding cards, you should also get 10 pieces extras for envelopes for any name and addressing mistakes. It is much more easier and more cost effective to have a few extra wedding cards invitations in hand.

**In Crafty Farms, we will be providing paper envelopes 80gsm for FREE (the quantity of your wedding card + 10 pieces extras)

We hope you enjoy these 2 guidelines and tips and find them useful in helping to solve problems on identifying the number of wedding cards before placing an order :)

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