E-Itinerary Design for Wedding

E-Itinerary Design, a Wedding at Semara Uluwatu Cliff, Bali, Indonesia

E-Itinerary Design for Fun Beach Wedding, What to Do and What to Eat,

Wedding Day Itinerary, A Beach Wedding in Bali

Some weddings are just more fun than just one day! This e-itinerary is designed for Hazel and Jason's wedding which will be held in Semara Uluwatu, Bali. This itinerary design is able to provide information to their guests about what to do after or before the wedding, the activities, and famous food. It is designed with the same theme as their boarding pass wedding invitation card in silver and teal green.
Need a custom itinerary for your wedding?

Please email us at craftyfarm@gmail.com for more details and feel free to visit our boarding pass invitation cards to choose a design to work with.

Code: IT002
Category: Wedding Program
*Custom Design**

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