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08 Jan 2017, 12.21AM
Thank you for the beautiful wedding invitation cards you've done for us, we've gotten so many compliments!

Javan & Jeannie, PJ

27 Dec 2016, 10.08PM

It has been a month after the wedding & thought of dropping a line... Despite minor hiccups and miscom, we're glad the card turned out as expected. Our guests loved the design of the card & find it unique. Thanks for being part of this.


20 August 2016

On behalf of Joash and myself, we would like to express our gratitude to you and your team for creating a beautiful card. Thank you for being a part of our wedding and for all your time and hard work. It has been a pleasure working alongside you!
Have a blessed day, and God bless you!


7 August 2016, 12.02PM

Thank you for the cards
We have received the cards in good condition.

Tan Jun Yin, KL

20 July 2016, 12:51 AM
Just received the package yesterday. The card is fabulous and has the quality as I wish. Great works of you. Thank you very much for helping me fulfill my expectation; despite the none face-to-face communication.

Sincerely yours

26 June 2016, 12:52PM
I received the cards, and envelope and tags!
Look so good!!
We love it!
Thank you soo much!
Lynette, MELAKA

25 June 2016, 15:32PM
After all challenges we had for delivery, the invitation cards turned out beautifully as expected! The colours suited the wedding theme well and everyone was impressed by the handiwork! Thank you and looking forward to getting in touch about the next reception in Malaysia!


23 May 2016, 1:30PM
just received the sticker...OMG! Love it so much!!
really beautiful,,,thank you so much!

-Yusie Handmade, Yusie Thong, PULAU LANGKAWI, KEDAH

3 May 2016, 9:15PM
So exciting to receive your pretty products again, really like your works.Morning Janice, got the package! They are beautiful. Well done!

Kevin & Megan, SINGAPORE
*A return-customer*

3 May 2016, 8:17PM

Great design work and timely delivery. Thank you, it has been a pleasure dealing with you!


30 April 2016, 5:32 PM

Thx Janice. I love them. Thanks for coming all the way to my place. Appreciate that. Cheers!
Shin Yee, IPOH

27 March 2016, 8.01 PM

Thanks dear, i have received the invitation cards. Its perfect. Nice dealing with you. Next year will find u for wedding cards printing

Debbie Lee, KLANG

23 March 2016, 7.55 PM

May you send more envelopes to us? Im short of 20 envelopes from the first batch you send.
That's very kind of u. Thank you for your patience and kindness throughout the whole process.

Chloena & Asher, SINGAPORE

11 March 2016, 3.14 PM

My fiance and I would like to thank you for providing us the printing with a speed of time.
Although the process of the customization took quite some time until it was finalized. Thanks again for your patience with us and sorry to keep rushing you guys. We were so last minute to get our invitations printed.

Kimberly Chan, PENANG

05 March 2016, 9.03 AM

Hi there, we have checked all the cards and found 1 piece with a few marks on the edge, not a big problem. But, we are overall satisfied with the products and u gave extra, so thumb up for your pleasant service n kindness.


21 Feb 2016, 11.30 PM

Thanks for the cards. Love your handmade! There were too many choices here and there and glad we picked the one we love the most. Keep up the good work!

Nur Afifah , PJ

07 Feb 2016, 5:48 PM

Hi Crafty, Cards received. I notice that you gave us extra about 4-5 cards. Thanks a lot and we're satisfied with your service although we are not big buyers. With this we'll recommend our friends to you! Thank you so much!


03 Feb 2016, 10:08 AM
Just to inform that we've received it. The cards look really good!
Thanks and it's been a pleasure to deal with you!


01 Feb 2016, 6:46PM

Do take note that I have received the parcel today.
Everything is in good condition and I really love the cards.

Thank you and have a good day.

Shahrina Fylo, SINGAPORE

08 Jan 2016, 9:12PM
Thank you for making these lovely invitations for our guests.
Keep it up and Happy New Year!


05 Jan 2016, 7:05PM
The cards have arrived and we really like it!! We'll come back to you in the next few months for the 2nd dinner. Thank U!.


20 Dec 2015, 10:01PM

A big thank you for the booklets, gift tags, wedding invitations and especially the vector. We received lots of compliments for the stationeries. Thanks to your vector, we managed to create similar designs for our 'guestbook', photobooth and table place card. Keep up the good work! I am very confident that your business will prosper ;) merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family!
Yih Shin & Kenneth, KUALA LUMPUR

16 Dec 2015, 4.01PM
Received!!!! Thanks so much! We love it very much! Thanks for the effort!

-Kenneth & Yih Shin, KUALA LUMPUR

16 Dec 2015, 4.01PM

Received!!!! Thanks so much! We love it very much! Thanks for the effort!

-Kenneth & Yih Shin, KUALA LUMPUR

13 Dec 2015, 1:29PM
Thank you so much. They arrived today and they look wonderful :) I really appreciate your beautiful craftsmanship and can't wait to send them out to our friends and family.
Thank you!!!

Lisa Henderson, AUSTRALIA

12 Dec 2015, 7:55PM

Yup Phoebe has shown me pictures of them. Thank you for your help! It was a pleasure working with you on this. God Bless
Deborah Yong, KL

28 Nov 2015,3:50PM
The cards are very pretty. It seems that you guys have spent time on it especially the center bow. Anyways, thanks for all your help and it would be perfect if the process could be speed up and clarify things faster. That would absolutely be great! Thanks again. Thumbs up guys.
Patrick, KL

20 Nov 2015,1:08PM
The parcel have arrived, and thanks for giving us free calendar. I have passed my contact to my colleague and she'll be contacting you for her wedding in 2016.
Shuan Li, KL

20 Nov 2015,4:20PM
Thanks for your kind service. We love the cards so much and they look just great on the table!
 Mei Sim, PAHANG

16 Nov 2015, 8:38PM
We have received  the cards.  They look good.  Thank you  very much  :) 

24 Oct 2015, 3:20PM
We would like to inform you that the cards are well received. Very nice. Thanks and keep up the creative work! (Y) Thank you.
Paul, IPOH

20 Oct 2015, 9.41PM
Thank you very much for the lovely cards. We can't wait to show it to our friends and family.
Cheerz, Min Yee, KL

12 Oct 2015, 1.30PM

I got the cards from the poslaju branch coz I wasn't at home when it arrived. So Beautiful and my hubby lurrrrveee it! Thanks again for your effort!
Patricia, KL

12 Oct 2015, 3:13PM

Thanks alot I have received the cards. So kind of you!! <3

08 Oct 2015, 7:21 AM

Just though I would let you know I have received the invitation cards and me and my boyfriend loves it!!
Really appreciate your help and you have made us and our wedding more beautiful with these amazing cards :)
Thanks again! Keep up the good work!

08 Oct 2015,
Hi there, received the cards d
Thanks a lot
Looks Amazing 
Anne Pteng, KL

27 Sept 2015, 5:24pm

A big thank you for the lovely wedding invitations, the beautiful program books and customized stationery props for our wedding! It was very well received
Evelyn Ng Hui Ping, AUSTRALIA

10 Sept 2015,5:30PM
Thanks Craftyfarm for helping us making beautiful invitations cards for our guests. They all like it so much. So special.
Phoebe Lee, KL

10 Sept 2015, 7:09AM
Hye. Good morning, Kad dah sampai. Nice. Good job,craftyfarm. Thanks
Hafizah bt Abdullatap, KL

7 Sept 2015, 7:24PM

Received the sample booklet. Am so happy with the whole booklet and design.
Appreciate the effort put in to make the cards and the booklet look so nice.
-Cheryl, KL

2 Sept 2015, 5.30PM
Finally we received the cards, thought would receive earlier but it's alright.
They look pretty and it's worth the wait. Thanks so much dear. We'll recomend our friends and colleaguest to your work. Thumbs uppie!!!

-Joanna Loh, KL

2 Sept 2015, 2:05PM

Cards look great!Thanks!
-Sam Evonne, SUBANG

26 Aug 2015, 6:14PM

I have received the cards today. thanks so much for all your help and effort cooperating with our needs. We truly love them we know our guests would feel the same

-Nicol & Timothy, PENANG

23 Aug 2015, 8.42PM
Thanks for the card, I really love the rustic card totally, together with the sweet heart tag. They're simply so cute:)

-Esther Francis, KUALA LUMPUR

15 Aug 2015,  1:09PM
Colleagues said the cards are so pretty! Can't wait to bring home and show our families.
Keep up the awesome work! and thanks a bunch for coping with our requirements <3 <3
-Christine Tan & Joe Wang, SELANGOR

10 Aug 2015,  7:21PM

I love how it turned out! They look nicer in real. Thank you so much!

-Christine Tan & Joe Wang, MELBOURNE

08 Aug 2015, 2.10PM
Thanks for the pretty cards!! :) My fiance like it so much


04 Aug 2015, 1.09PM

Unpacked the cards yesterday and they look awesome! Can't wait to send them out. Thank you :)))

28 July 2015, 7.04PM

Thanks for bringing the tons of honey jars to us today and sorry for being late also. I know they're indescribably HEAVY but u guys still manage to carry all. Thank you lot!

21 July 2015, 4:20PM

Just want to write to you and tell how much we love the fans. They're simply lovely and cute with the little ribbon. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work, team!

21 July 2015, 12.33PM

Dear the cards are so pretty.I luv it!!!!! Thanks for the extra envelopes. heheeee
- Xiao Li, KL

11 July 2015, 2:04PM
Thank you! My sister said the cards are excellent!  
-Srikandi Kamari, KL

4 July 2015, 7:48PM
Thanks so much for the lovely invitations and good effort!
Ong, KL 

29 June 2015, 12:30PM
We have received the parcel this morning and it's in good condition, and we've have gone through all the cards. Absolutely loving it! Thumbs up, guys! 
Sharon, PENANG

24 June 2015, 2:11PM

Thanks so much for the lovely invitations and good effort!
Ong, KL 

19 June 2015, 5.20AM
Received the cards this noon.
Thanks for the lovely invitations. I'm sure my hubby will like it too! hehe

13 June 2015, 1:12PM
Thanks for the cards. ^^ Nice!

12 June 2015, 8:08PM
Thank you for these lovely pastel programs. It will definitely be nice when put on our church reception table. Thanks again and take care.
Kelvin See, MELAKA

05 June 2015, 5:11PM
Hey guys we've already received the cards few days ago. Forgot to inform you. Yeah we luv it verymuch! We'll come back to you with our program fans.thanks!

30 May 2015, 4:20PM

Yup, we received it. Thanks for your effort and hard work. Will definitely share this to our friends who're getting married soon. :)

28 May 2015, 9:31PM
Glad to meet you today. We love the invites alot so do our parents. Really like how it turned out!! <3-Xuan, KUANTAN

24 May 2015, 1:58PM

Thanks for the lovely favours. They are absolutely cute!
-Gene, KLANG

19 May 2015, 9:25PM

I have received your lovely cards, thanks a lot :)

8 May 2015, 2:20PM

The booklets have arrived!  They are beautiful and I am really happy with your artistic work, thank you very much and for organising such a quick delivery
-Maureen Caraco, NSW AUSTRALIA

2 May 2015, 10:08PM

I just received our invitations and they are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy with them!
Thank you again!
-Sabrina Schimanszky, CANADA

Sat, 25 April 2015, 1:47PM

We have collected the parcel yesterday. Just to let you know that the parcel was unfortunately slightly damage. The inner plastic was actually opened while the cards are slightly folded at the corner due to that reason.
Well, luckily, the cards are still in good condition and we love the outcome of the design. Thanks again for the cards.

Best regards,

Stella & Matti.
-Stella & Matti, FINLAND

Friday, 24 April 2015, 10.24PM

Well received! =D 

Thanks a lot!

-Jesslyne Heng, KUALA LUMPUR

Friday, 24 April 2015, 8.37PM
We received the cards yesterday. Thank you.They are exactly what we requested. Only a minor deviation, pink envelopes were sent instead of cream as answered below. Not a big issue for us but otherwise it could have been perfect.Thanks again.
-Janice S. F. Lee, SWITZERLAND

Friday, 24 April 2015, 3.25PM

We have received the cards, thanks Janice.
-Janene Wong, KUALA LUMPUR

Thurs, 23 April 2015, 4:35PM

My parents have received the cards. Thanks for being so kind and patient with us throughout the process! Overall they are happy with the products and the colours match well!! BIG THANKS!

Mon, 20 April 2015, 9:16PM
We want to thank you for the great service and the beautiful wedding cards. We are so happy with the result! We got a lot of positive reactions about the cards, everybody loves them!

So thank you so much! If we can help by a positive review, we are happy to help, please let us know!

-Barry & Judith, HOLLAND

Thurs, 16 April 2015, 2:19PM
Hi! I received your parcel yesterday. Thanks ya.. btw my friends & relatives all love it.. said its very of the checked out your blog and told me my card is on ur website now..haha..thanks dear
-Yunn Yee, KL

Mon, 13 April 2015, 3:10PM

The honey jars are so cute! My friends said they can't afford to unwrap them awww.... thanks lovely!
-Jamie Gan, KL

Mon, 13 April 2015, 4:22PM

I just wanna say a thousand thanks for these custom made invites for my wedding. My husband like it so much! We can't wait to show them to our friends!!!!!!
-Jessica Chu, AMPANG

Sun, 12 April 2015, 12.50PM

I saw the cards was wonderful! :) :) Thanks a lot I really love the cards... only some feedback from golden generation is that, the font is too
-Renelle Ong, SINGAPORE

Wed, 08 April, 2015,  11.03AM
I hv received the cards and tags. Tqvm.. i really like it. My coll like it too.
-Theng Theng Foong, SHAH ALAM

Tues, 17 March 2015, 5.46PM

Craftyfarms sat with us for over 2 hours for consultation. We had a basic design of how the card should look and Janice took it up many many notches. 
Our design became more elegant and yet still remain what we wanted originally.
Craftyfarm has a gift to preserve the essence of the design and not overpower it. It is truly custom made. 
Thank you for our elegant, exclusive and beautiful cards. Service is patient, professional and timely.

Thumbs up !!
-Ainol Shahera (Shah & Nadia Wedding), PENANG

Mon, 09 March 2015, 3:33 AM
da-Yu was able to successfully receive the invitations yesterday.  He says they look perfect. We greatly appreciate your hard work and good quality.
Thanks so much.
- Joan Mathys, USA

Sun, 01 March 2015, 11.16 AM
We've started distributing our cards and received a fair bit of compliments on how nice the card looks. Thank you very much. I really do like it too. 
-Joyce Sivalingam, IPOH

Sat, 14 February 2015, 07.45 AM

We've received the parcel yesterday. They look so pretty! can't wait to start distributing.

Thanks for your patience with us and effort from your production. really nice!!
-Oliver Tan, KUANTAN

Tue, 10 February 2015, 3:54AM
I want to thank you for the beautiful save the dates. They came out great! Thank you for working with me, it was a pleasure working with you. I hope we can work on future projects together like invitations,etc. I will hopefully contact you in the future.
-Effie Manolatos, USA

Wed, 29 January 2015, 15:09PM

Hehe.. My guest love our boarding pass so much.

Wed, 29 January 2015, 13:04PM

Received with thanks. Very nice. Thank u!
-Wendy Tan, PJ SELANGOR.

Tues, 27 January 2015, 21:15PM

Ive received the invites! Thanks! :D
;) Thanks for all your effort and patience.. Really love the final product! Will recommend Crafty Farm to my friends who are getting married :)

Sunday, 25 January 2015, 12:06PM

Tqsm Janice for your corporation...we love this card so much :)
Sazrina Zakaria - KUALA LUMPUR

Thursday, 15 January 2015, 1:10PM

We receive the cards in well condition.
Thank you so much rushing the cards for us although the timeline is very tight. 
Shermane - KUANTAN

Sunday, 11 January 2015, 9:29PM

We have received the cards. They look great!
Thank you very much for your efficient response and help and throughout this process. :) We appreciate it.

Hui Juine, KL

Friday, 9 January 2015, 4:33PM

Thank you for the lovely tea-bags! they suit our doily inspired wedding cards. Thanks for your the nice work and all the best in your wedding favours project!
Simon Oh, KL

Tues, 31 Dec 2014 15:48PM

Hi, received my card tq nicely done. I'm doing wedding planning. If I have enquiry on my customer will recommend u (Y) 
-Angeline Lee, KL

Tues, 31 Dec 2014 12:12AM

Hi guys, i received the wedding tags yeah. They are so beautiful. Thanks so much! Happy New Year!
-Zariah, KLANG

Mon, 29 Dec 2014, 8:50AM

Thanks for making arrangements to meet up and pass the card to me personally. My family absolutely loves the cards! Thanks for all your work in meeting my requests. Appreciate it.
Wishing you all the best in 2015!

24 Dec 2014, 8:44PM
I'd like to inform you we receive the cards already. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you guys~

Jane Pang, KAMPAR

19 Dec 2014, 5:12PM
Loved the cards! Actually your products are all so beautiful. I have recommended you to my colleague. She will be contacting you shortly. Thank you again!

Jennifer Koi, SHAH ALAM

16 Dec 2014, 4:43PM
My mom has received the parcel. Thank you so much for your assistance and thanks for being so patient with me throughout the process.
-Janise Koh, SABAH

Sat, 13 Dec 2014, 8:20PM
I showed the gift tags to my husband and he's very happy with it. Thank you so much and we'll send you some pictures on how we decorated it. 
-Jamie, KL

Wed, 9 Dec 2014, 10:08PM

Thank you for the wishes and take care!

All the best to your future endeavour!


Wed, 26 Nov 2014, 07:43AM 

Cards received on Monday. Thanks
- Jackqueline, KL

Tue, 25 Nov 2014, 19:36PM

I have received the cards. Thank u so much. I love it!
- Jessamine Then, Singapore

Sun, 16 Nov 2014, 20:25PM

Cards r good, thanks for ur speedy assistance again! :) :)
Really appreciate it
- Angie Kwo, KL

Tue, 7 Oct 2014 10:57 AM

-Kelsey Liew Jing Yee, KL

8 October 2014 12:33PM

Received the parcel
Thank you so much
I will love it if you post my card as sample
Im promoting to my friends
-Liyana Yusof, KL

7 October 2014 9:33AM

Sorry for the late reply..i already received the parcel last Friday :)
D card is really really good. Good quality+ no mistakes. I rally like it <3  thanks
Really glad choosing u to do my card.
- Dina Adeline, KL

13 September 2014, 11:19AM (BPF01025)

The cards are amazing! Everyone says they're so pretty. Thank you so much
-Andrew & Genevieve

13 Sept 2014, 19:05PM
Dear, thank you very very much. Received my cards. Very nice. Very nicely done.
Nicole Kuan & Affandi

12 Sept 2014, 8:10PM
I've received the cards and they are lovely! thank you so much! :)


1 Sept 2014, 12:53PM
I know it wasn't an easy journey for yourself and us making these cards. But at the end, the cards are v nice n they r something we are proud to send to our friends. If only there weren't so many instances of mis-communications, the experience would have been a much better one.
Thanks again.
Jeffrey and Marilyn.

16 June 2014, 1:48PM
Yes I received It on Friday. They are beautiful! Thankyou - Rabbya Haque, AUSTRALIA

13 June 2014, 9:47 AM
Yes I love it!!! Love the paper used and the tags. Great job. Although I kinda expected the envelop to be the shimmery type too. But that's just a small matter. Thanks! I'll let you know if we will go ahead with the church booklet. =)  - Tami Chai, KL 

8 June 2014, 9:12PM

Hi Janie, Hope you are well. Jin and I would like to thank you for making those beautiful cards for us. It's not easy to create something out of nothing. Thank you for all your expertise suggestions to make this be as what we want.
- Irene and Jin, SINGAPORE

4 June 2014, 5:53PM

Good day to you. Just wanna inform u that my mom has received the booklets, she said it looks very pleasant and thanks loads! -Sharmeni, SELANGOR

3 June 2014, 6:49PM

It looks amazing!!! I love the birdcage and colour. Words can’t describe how impressed my fiancée was Smile -Shirley, ADELAIDE

1 June 2014, 03:23PM
Cards received. My parents are happy with it Thanks. :) -Wei Lee, PENANG

28 May 2014, 05:13PM
Received d cards ady <3 <3 <3 yeah it looks great!! i love it... thank u very much yea..excellent job..
<3 - Daphne, KL

23 May 2014, 8:20PM
Dear Crafty Farms team, we would like to thank you guys for the handmade cards, my fiancee and I are very impressed when we looked at the cards. Oh, and thanks for the extra few pieces. We apologize if we cause any trouble for keep changing the designs back in the beginning of the process and thanks for being so patient with us and making them perfect. We will definitely spread your name to our friends and family for helping us create beautiful invites for our wedding. Goodjob!
- Jeremy Kong, SHAH ALAM

22 May 2014, 02:55PM
Hi June, thanks for the cards, we receive in good condition. thank you.
- Chor Yan, SETAPAK

15 May 2014, 04:46PM
We have finally received the cards from you. Really appreciate what you've done for us and was impressed on the product we received. Thanks!
Sophia Li, IPOH

11 May 2014, 09:20PM

We love your cards so much and they look prettier compared to what I saw on screen. You're such a talented person and I wish you all the best at work and your business.

Thank you very much ! Lynda and KC, PENANG

11 May 2014, 11:14AM

Well received the cards and thanks for the cute thank you note :)

08 May 2014, 10:22AM

Hi!!  Sorry for the late email. I'd actually received the parcel last week. Just finished distributing them to our friends in Melbourne. Didn't expect to get quite a number feedback on these unique petal cards! They are just matching perfectly with my wedding colour theme! Aww!! Thanks again 

05 May 2014, 09.30AM

Received the cards and I'll give two thumbs up!  
Keep it up, guys! -Larry Tang, KUANTAN

03 May 2014, 07:04AM

Thank you so much for rushing the invites for me. They look awesome and thanks for your patience with us in making these perfect! Love, May & Jaz - SEREMBAN

03 May 2014, 05:34PM
Thanks for your hard work. Would be happy to recommend my friends about your site.

30 April 2014, 10:21PM
I have received the envelopes in good condition..
Thank you for your arrangements! ;))Thank you so much ya!! Will recommend you to our friends too.. ;))   Andy & Mable, SUBANG JAYA

28 April 2014

We love the cards, my friend also having their wedding, i will refer them to you as well... if you dont mind :)

Thank you so much for your help and have a nice day. -Pandu, JAKARTA

26 April 2014, 9:23PM

Would like to inform you that my husband received the cards and he told me they are nice. I can't wait to go back and see it myself! Thanks!!! -Fenny, SINGAPORE

25 April 2014, 1:40PM

Hi lovely, I'm glad to say that the cards have safely arrived and they are very nicely done. Thank you for the samples and we love the final product a lot ! If we are having other parties in future, we'll definitely engage with your services again. -Ben & Jasmin. SHAH ALAM

23 April 2014, 6:37PM
How are you? You previously designed our boarding pass wedding invite. By the way, there are many good reviews on your work.
-Jason & Hazel, KL

22 April 2014, 4:24PM

Hello Janice, I bought wedding cards from you last few months ago and I recommended a friend who are getting married this year to look at your products. She would be glad if you're able to create something like mine for her wedding, too. - Khai Wen, PENANG

19 April 2014, 2:30PM

Hey babe, I've checked all the cards, and there are 8 pieces extra, I thought there were only 5 pieces haha. Thanks anyway! Love your work much! -Zi Voon, KUALA LUMPUR

19 April 2014, 12:12PM

Got it, thanks! The wedding cards are brilliant and better than what I expected. Can't wait to send them to all my friends. Thanks again. - Josh, SINGAPORE

18 April 2014, 5:41PM

Hi Jan, really need to thank you for the hard work. Knew that you were very rush with other jobs but you still able to make it to ours. Love your good handcrafts. Cheers from me and Louise!
-Megan, JOHOR

16 April 2014, 6:56PM
Thank you once again. I'm happy that I got the cards from you. They look lovely! Good job to you guys. Have a great day ahead ;) Till then, take care! 
-Victoria, SUBANG JAYA

13 April 2014, 3.54PM

Yes forgot to inform you that I already receive the cards, they look nice. Thank you

08 April 2014, 8:12PM

Hey Janice, thanks for meeting us today. We're very happy with what we've got. Thank you so much and I'll recommend you to my friends who're getting married this year. Keep it up! -Ring, KL

08 April 2014, 12:08 PM
Thanks guys, for all your effort. It's been a great experience working with you since the beginning of the process. Thank you and thank you! -Shirley PENANG

05 April 2014, 2:14PM
Thanks for your lovely cards. I love the character you created haha! -Nadya Izhar, SELANGOR

05 April 2014, 3:31PM
Well received, thank you for your effort :) -Amy, PERAK

02 April 2014, 2:47PM

I received the package yesterday. Thank you so much. We love the cards and will surely recommend you to our friends :)



30 March 2014, 7:12 PM
Got the cards from my cousin today. and thank you for the  5 pieces free cards :)

27 March 2014, 6:42 PM
Dear Janice, thank you for the cards and been so patient with this fussy bride-to-be haha. Appreciate your kind patience and hard work.  Kayleen, KL

27 March 2014, 9:24 AM

My parents have received the cards yesterday. They said it's awesome.
Can't wait to go back to Malaysia to see the cards! thank you in advance, Jan.

25 Match 2014, 2:11PM
Just wanted to let you know that we received the parcel yesterday and that we are very pleased with the cards :) Shahul, SINGAPORE

23 March 2014, 4:24 PM
Hello. Received the cards already and looks good! Thanks
Paul & Rene, KAMPAR

21 March 2014, 10:10PM

Thanks for the pretty cards. Have a nice day 
Kristin :) Kristin, KL

21 March 2014, 7:42PM

Yaya, received it yesterday. I really love the cards and the design!! May I ask if you also do tag for my small wedding gifts? If you do, please let me know the price ya. - Mei, TAIPING 

20 March 2014, 8:40PM

Hiyaaa! I was so excited to receive the cards this morning. Yup they are in good condition. Thank you for your follow up and wishes. Nice working with you. -Jean Ling, BANGSAR

20 March 2014, 1:20PM

Hi, I received the 1st batch cards already. Thank you for coping with our rush wedding. We appreciate your help and please help me to thank your team for making the cards beautifully in such a rush. So sorry. Great job guys. Hoping to receive the 2nd batch soon :))))
Nur Fatiha, GOMBAK

17 March 2014, 4:11PM
Received your samples, Janice. They're all so nice. Let me discuss with my fiance before confirming the order with you yaa... thanks!
Michelle Loo, JOHOR

17 March 2014, 12:13PM

Hello dear, finally received the parcel already hehe. thank you ur lovely cards. Both families like the design very much.  Gabrielle, SELANGOR

14 March 2014, 11:12AM

The stickers are so nice! TQ for helping us to design it in such a short notice. 

09 March 2014, 7:21PM

HEY!!! Yup I receive already, forgot to tell you. Haha. My husband love it a lot. Thank you and your team for making the cards for us and for sure we will recommend you to our friends.
Siti Zalia, SEREMBAN

09 March 2014, 4:43PM
Thank you for the cards. My parents have received them this morning and they like it as well :)
I have sent your contact number to a friend of mine, she'll be getting married this year end so I think you guys wil be able to help them. Thank you again for your effort and time.
Ginny, JB

05 March 2014, 5:02PM
Hi Janice, I received the cards yesterday. Big thank you for meeting our custom requirements and we're glad you're able to source for the doily materials. We love it so much dear! Can't wait to distribute them to my friends and family :)))

05 March 2014, 1:36PM

Thank you for the lovely handmade card and my fiance Paul love it too.

We would like to send our compliment to your team who made these cards. Great job and keep it up!

Dominique Lee, KEPONG

03 March 2014, 3:24 PM

Thanks for the cards, Janice. I've just received them. I was worried at first coz not sure the colour combinations turned out well, but they are so so nice! Thank you for ur suggestions and creative ideas. The outcome is better than i expected. thanks thanks!  :) Jenna Puah,  JOHOR

03 March 2014, 10:52AM

I have received the cards yesterday. Wanna thank Craftyfarm team for printing the cards for us in such a rush time. Thanks for your time and your cuteeeeee design! Yanti & Pierre, SINGAPORE

01 March 2014, 11:51PM

The cards looks good, thanks for your great service and assist all this while! Also, thanks for the FOC location map.We deeply appreciated your hard work :) Emily Chan, KL

Thanks again.

26th February 2014, 12:58PM 
Dear Janice, Just received it.. We love it!! Thank you very much..!
Azaria & Yoann

20th February 2014

Thanks for the great service! Will definitely recommend you to others. 
Oh ya, the cards n cupcake toppers are very lovely!!!
Everyone loves the card btw.  -Alyssia Loh, PENANG

10th February 2014

Thank you for making our wedding day a beautiful occasion for us! We loved your works as well as we appreciate your time ad effort just to share this special day with us. God bless and thank you very much! -Joshua J, KL

10th February 2014

Many thanks to Janice and the team for the lovely cards

I have received it.

Thanks again -Joshua, Kuala Lumpur

22nd January 2014

Just to inform you that I have received the invitation cards this morning.
The cards are perfect and looks really nice and elegant, there are exactly what i wanted.
Thank you so much for your patience and hard work through out the whole process. Really appreciate that.
Kindly send my regards and appreciation to your team.  -Cannie

19th January 2014

Thank you for the invites that are more amazing than we could have ever imagined 😄 we absolutely love them! -Muiz (Rex)

16th January 2014
Thank you so much for the lovely cards you made for our dearest Akira. Really appreciate your effort and professionalism. It has been such a pleasure doing business with you and certainly on your returning customer list. Thank you so much and best wishes, Janice.    -Delaila

30th December 2013

Thank you and our Akira really loves the cards and so are all of us. Thanks so much and it's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Wish you every success for the coming year ahead and Happy New Year. -Delaila

10th December 2013
"Janice Hiya! We have received the tags! Its amazing, thank you for your lovely tags!" - Suraya, Selangor

8th December 2013
"Hi Janice, I was informed by my fiance that the cards are nicely done. I cant wait to go back and have a look at them. Thank you so much for the additional envelopes too!" - Wati, Indonesia

8th December 2013
"Janice, the cards has arrived and it was lovely. Thank you so much for your amazing work" - Charmaine, HongKong

7th December 2013
"Hi Janice thank you for the amazing cards. Luckily, we are able to make it in time. My family were all like WOW!" - June Yan, Perlis

5th December 2013
"Thanks Janice for attending to us on such short notice. The cards are lovely and we love it very much" - Josie, Singapore

5th December 2013
"Thank you CF the cards are nicely done. At first, my fiance and I, we afraid to order online because of all the stories we heard from buying stuff from the internet. I will certainly recommend my friends to engage in your service in the future. You guys Rockz! - Amanda Nguyen, KL

4th December 2013
"Hi Dear, the cards are beautiful and lovely. Thank you so much. All my family members we like asking me where did I got it from." - Jassie, KL

28th November 2013
"Hi Janice, Thank you ya for your lovely cards, it really made my day. I love it very much!" - Choon Theng, KL

27th November 2013
"Hey Janice, our cards are very nice! Thank you so much. My fiance and I was debating whether should we send it out or keeping it all for ourselves. Haha, I am sure in the future we are able to engage your printing services again for other events!" - Husna, Sabah

27th November 2013
"Thank you Janice! The parcel have arrived! We are very satisfied with your service and the cards are wonderful, just like what we had in mind. Thanks again for your close follow up on our order." - Kumiko, Singapore

25th November 2013
"Hi Janice, the cards are lovely and thank you for the extra envelopes, it was a life saver!" - Swee Sze, Kedah

24th November 2013
"Thank you Janice! It totally made my day, when I reached home last night, my fiance arranged all the cards across the table, it was amazing and nicely done! Luckily you recommended us to go for Metallic card material, its classy!" - Kimmy Loo, Johor

19th November 2013
"Thank you Janice for the good effort and for the extra cards as well." - Jiunn Keng, Seremban

17th November 2013
"My fiance and I would like to thank you for your hard work and amazing service. Our wedding invites are lovely and we will recommend our friends to you in the future" - Carynne Tse, Kuantan

14th November 2013

Good Job! The cards are nicely done and it arrived on time. Thanks loads! - Bryan Ho, Penang

8th November 2013

"Hey lovely work, Kudos keep up the good work guys!"  - Hui Theng, KL

6th November 2013

"Hi Janice, dropping by to thank you for the great effort and the fantastic cards. It's amazing!" - Nicky Huang, KL

4th November 2013
"Yes, I have received the wedding cards. Thanks a lot! The wedding cards are nicely done up :)" - Shiang Lin, KL

27th October 2013
"The cards has arrived and it looks better than the one in the photo. Thank you. Thumbs up!" - Yi Wen, Perlis.

26th October 2013
"Thanks guys for rushing the cards, we love your work. In the future will engage your service again" - Stephanie Pan, Selangor.

25th October 2013
"My husband love the booklet alot. Thanks Janice." - Suet Mun, Brunei.

21st October 2013
"Thank you for the picture frame, our friends love it." - Mandy Toh, KL.

19th October 2013
"My mom loves the purple color tags that you guys made. Just lovely. 
Thank you." - Amanda Teh, Singapore.

18th October 2013
"Luckily, my friend recommended you guys, Thank You ya for the cards. Its beautiful and great work" - Charles Tan, Singapore.

18th October 2013
"Thanks for the lovely boarding passes, my wife cant stop looking at it. Good job!" - Matthew Phan, Selangor.

16th October 2013
"Guys, I have received the parcel and its wonderful, our parents love it very much. You guys deserve a Big Thank You!" - Chandra Soo, Penang.

15th October 2013
"I have received the package and thank you for the hardwork" - Vivienne Chan, KL.

15th October 2013
"The package arrived on schedule and Thank you" -Anne Tan, KL.

14th October 2013
"Hi Janice, Thank you and you have the patience of a saint!" -Chloe Loo, Selangor.

13rd October 2013
"The cards are lovely, Thank you, Janice and team." -Yen Shuang, Sabah.

13rd October 2013
"Dropping by to say Hi. Thanks guys for the amazing cards!" -Rupert, Australia.

13rd October 2013
"The cards have arrived at my place, I cant wait to go home and check it out. Thank you ya!" -Evelyn Soo, Pahang.

10th October 2013
"Fabulous work guys! It is better than expected. Thank you for the great job!" -Helena, Singapore. 

7th October 2013
"Hi Janice, thank you ya for the lovely cards luckily we found you and thanks again for the rush order." -Charmaine, KL 

5th October 2013
"Hi CF Team, I received the cards yesterday and it is amazing. Bravo, you guys did a great job! Thank you." -Samantha Hor, Perlis 

29th September 2013
"Kak Janice, Thank you for the wedding invites. It reach us right on time. Thanks again" -Firdaus, Ipoh

26th September 2013
"Hey Janice, my wife love the surprise anniversary card. Thank you for the hard work and great job! Will engage your service again in the future" -Stephen,Taiwan

25th September 2013
"Thank you, J for helping me at such short notice. The cards are wonderful and everyone loved it very much." -Maggie Khoo, Brunei

23rd September 2013
"Hey J, Thank you so so much for the lovely cards. Will recommend you to our friends in the future." -Cassandra,  KL

19th September 2013
"Thanks J and the team for the wonderful hardwork, I love them very much!" -Eileen,  KL

18th September 2013
"Hi J, I have received the parcel. The cards look nice! Many thanks for your service :)" -Suet Mi,  KL

17th September 2013
"Hi I've received the cards, just collected recently. Thank you so much, J! Love the cards :) It's perfect! Thank you so much, will get back to you for other function in future." -Syahidah, Brunei

11th September 2013
"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the invites. They are lovely. Thank you for also getting them to me earlier than previously agreed! !! Very grateful for all your kind assistance." -Wai Lam, Kuala Lumpur

7th September 2013

"The cards are amazing.
Thank you so much for your effort and patience.
It was a pleasure working with you." -Jeanne, Kuala Lumpur

1st September 2013

"My parents received the wedding cards today. They were complimenting about the card. I cant wait to go home and have a look at them! Thanks a bunch!" - Emma, Melaka

28th August 2013
"I have to say i love the cards alot! Thay are nicely made! I will definitely recommend you to my friends, Thank you so much guys!" - Lily, Johor

21st August 2013
"Thank you, for being so patient! Its lovely, my family love it!" - Jenny, Sabah

13th August 2013
"Hey J! The cards has arrived, Thank you very much! the cards are awesome!"
 - Hanna, Australia

5th August 2013 
"I have went through my cards, I absolutely love them! Thank you so much! -Kirtini, Kedah

4th August 2013
"Hi J! The cards have reached me! I must say it looks sooo cute n pretty! Good job! Thank u so much for listening to all the details I wanted n puttin it together! We will definitely engage u in the future too. Thank u once again!"  -Vilashini, Singapore

16th July 2013
"I have received the invitation cards and it's amazing. Thank you very much!" -Cheryl, Penang

8th July 2013
"We've received the balance and the cards arrived in good condition! It's soooo lovely! ! Thank u guys so so much. I was jumping silly with excitement upon seeing the cards!" -Amelia, Kuala Lumpur

18th June 2013
"Hi J, I had received the cards.. The cards are awesome!! We like it so much :) :)
Thanks for fulfill our dream" -Natalia, Sibu

8th June 2013
"Sangat2 berpuas hati dgn design anda. Thanks alot to Jan and team! Semoga business anda akan berkembang di masa depan"  -Laila, Ipoh

29th May 2013

"Just dropping by to say a big thank you for making such nice cards for my guests. Thanks for all your hard work :-) "   -Carol, Ipoh.

14th May 2013
"Thanks Jan for the cards! I received a lot of compliments for it. Thumbs up for your great job!"  -Kit Lee, Petaling Jaya

22nd April 2013
"I have received the cards this noon. Wow they look pretty nice! I didn't expect it to turn out that great. Thank you for all your awesome work!" -Becky Lauren, Kedah

15th April 2013
"Thanks for the hardwork! The cards are lovely! My family love them alot!" -Siew Mei, Pahang

3rd April 2013
"Great work guys! Its perfect! Massive Thank you! Will recommend my family and friends to you!"  -Suzi,Perlis

26th March 2013
"Kudos! Thank you for doing our rush order. The cards are lovely! Everyone was complementing them! Thank you."  -Rose, Penang

15th March 2013

"Hey J, Thank you for the good job. Our parents love them. Will contact you in the future for other function."  -Genie, Sarawak

8th March 2013
"Marvelous! We love the cards! A Big Thank you J for delivering them before the agreed time." -Charmaine, Kuala Lumpur

27th February 2013
"Hey J! The parcel had just arrived! I am so excited can't wait to get off work. Thank you so much!" -Dominique, Sydney

23rd February 2013
"I have received the card. Thank you so much!" -Cynthia, Kelantan

19th February 2013
"Thank you for the fast delivery." -Intan, KL

18th February 2013
"Just dropping by to say thank you, we love the thank you tags." -Intan, KL

17th February 2013
"The cards have arrived and its in good shape. Thank you for the great work." -Suzanna, KL

14th February 2013
"Thank you for the flyer design, my wife loves it." -Kenny, KL

6th February 2013
"The parcel arrived on schedule, Thanks guys" -Michael Phoon, KL

5th January 2013
"Thank you for the additional cards, its a life saver!" - Hanna Lee, KL

3rd January 2013
"Thank you for the new year card, my daughter loves it. Will contact you in the future again." - Amy, KL

26th December 2012
"Guys Thank you for the christmas cards, our friends says that its lovely and I think its wonderful too" -Athena, KL

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